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We give couples, individuals and families an open and non-judgemental space to reconnect with their purpose, their passion and each other. We believe that the best therapy is therapy that makes the most of your unique and inherent strengths, so our solutions-based approach is all about empowering you, supporting you and helping you grow together. 

Affordable Therapy and Counseling 


Our Family Psychologists

Caroline Holmes Psy. BSc from Sydney University and has a wide experience in Family Therapy in Australia.  Caroline is working part time at Coupledxb as she commutes between her practice in Sydney, Australia and Dubai, UAE. 

Johanna Richmond Psy.D. is a dedicated therapist and social psychologist graduating with distinction from the University of London.  Licensed by the DHA, Johanna was also a BACP accredited psychotherapist whilst working in the UK and counselor with over 20 years of experience in family and individual therapy.  Johanna is trained in various therapies and will guide you with the most suitable form of therapy in a relaxed and private environment. 

Our method is to see each of you separately for one hour to understand each perspective on the marriage and problems that have arisen.  These individual sessions are followed by a joint session for 1.5 hours for resolution to the main problems within the relationship. 

Qualified & Experienced Family Therapist. Affordable and On Line Counseling  Phone 050 3458076
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